service industry

We need to consider whether implicitly this part of the job is encouraged, and whether customers themselves could avoid intensifying the underlying dynamics within service environments.
The zero hour contract means that staff can be cancelled from a shift at any time but if we cancel without 48 hours notice, money is docked from our pay - no matter the reason for absence. For those who are relying on money to pay rent, it can be a very stressful and difficult lifestyle.
The British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) yesterday said that the UK will avoid a triple dip recession and I for one believe they are right on the money.
Investing in young people is vital and as a key player in the UK hospitality industry, it is important to continue to attract talented and hardworking people to this sector, to guarantee its future success. Hospitality is all about people. We are part of an industry that needs good communicators and people who are willing to help others.