Known as “Oumuamua”, the object piqued the interests of scientists last month.
A cigar-shaped interstellar object that was spotted travelling through our solar system could in fact be an alien spacecraft
Scientists from the Arecibo Observatory have finally found what they believe is the cause of a mysterious radio signal that
'Older solar systems have had more time to produce intelligent species.'
The search for extraterrestrial life has been amplified to included "older solar systems," scientists have said.  Astronomers
Ancient rock carvings found across the globe were made by human civilisations, long ago, right? Well...perhaps not. No less
A senior astronomer has claimed that aliens will contact humanity within 20 years. Seth Shostak, a senior researcher at SETI
Alien probes from far away worlds could already be in our solar system - but we're just too dumb to spot them. This is essentially
Aliens may be piloting their stars through the galaxy - and we might be able to find them. The idea of a solar engine itself
A newly-discovered alien world which looks unsettlingly like Earth could be a "prime candidate" for hosting life, scientists
Did you ever ask yourself if we're all alone, or whether there just might be alien life out there? If you're one of the curious