The drag queens from the UK version of RuPaul's Drag Race walked the pink carpet last night, ahead of the show's broadcast on October 3rd.
You'll need a sewing kit, some glue, and a bit of imagination ✂️
How much power does one dress have? Image credit Justin Lambert The dress - a symbol of woman - oppression, femininity, frivolity
The Great British Sewing Bee is back and this means one of two things. You're either swooning over Patrick Grant being back on the TV or you're wishing you could make your own clothes. While I can't help you with the first one here are five reasons you should stop wishing and start doing... 
Spending a day poring over patterns, and then agonising over fabric choices. And then another day cutting out the pattern, before that terrifying moment when you make the first cut in your precious fabric, and there's no going back. And that's all before you've even got near the sewing machine...
Sewing your own clothes allows you to take back ownership of your wardrobe. You can start making clothes that suit you, made from fabrics you choose, rather than being shaped by what retailers tell you you want... The first step to improving the ethical quality of the fashion industry is yours to take.
A cushion made by a prisoner Although the financial benefits of the scheme were an appeal, boredom was the main reason Neil
In the UK we are about to celebrate a momentous event in the crafting calendar. Yarn Shop Day will take place this Saturday, 3 May but I'm sure you already had it in your diary.
While home economics is studied in the classroom around the world, it is only when it is practised at home that it becomes empowering. I ask all mums and dads to start thinking of teaching basic Home Economics to your boys and girls.
With a needle and thread you can sew on a button, make a beautiful dress and also have rewarding career. So why is it a shrinking part of our national curriculum?