sex work

The subscription site said it would "continue to provide a home for all creators" days after a planned policy change drew mass panic from sex workers.
Scottish professional gay porn actor Marc McCaulay has been nominated for five adult entertainment ‘Prowler Awards’, which the MOD and the Air Force congratulated the reservist for in their internal magazine.
Women get harassed, stalked, even targeted for assault and murder when people question their sexual morality in a public and shaming manner, writes Elle Stanger.
Single mums are among those placing sex ads, many for the first time, to pay for food and rent.
Here I am, trying to figure out whether it is safe to start seeing clients again.
The truth ― in the quiet of my bedroom when I’m sitting with a client ― is that men really do desire all kinds of bodies.
My existence somehow becomes lesser when people discover my profession, writes Ashleigh who appears in Louis Theroux’s new documentary, Selling Sex.
I chose this profession because I want to help people connect in meaningful ways.
If you’re going to profit off our stories, at least have the decency to ask for our input and give credit for our contributions. Our lives are complicated enough.
Sex workers face high levels of mental illness, a new study has found.