sex worker

All charges were eventually dropped against the migrant women, whose case was fought by the English Collective of Prostitutes.
This isn't about whether sex work is uniquely degrading or empowering – it's about the reality of 70,000 women who today will exchange sex for money and who are not being protected by the law
The long awaited South African Law Reform Commission has recommended that sex work should be fully criminalised.
'I want to make a statement that supports the right of a woman to choose.'
For lots of mothers-to-be trying to strike the right balance between work and home life can be difficult, but even more so
The plan shifts all the responsibility for implementation of the plan to the provinces, who are limited in their resources.
Attempts by married men to entice you into their adulterous ways is a little like sitting in the cheap seats and watching events on stage unfold quickly in a bad Scandinavian melodrama. There's an unerring emotional pitch, and an intensity that veers from hysterical, to extra-hysterical.
I attended the launch of Gabriella's film 'Honest Lies' at Amnesty International Headquarters in London earlier this week and was concerned at the dehumanising attitudes towards sex workers being expressed by some of the panellists...
Each year the cost of living as a student goes up, with rent rates being hiked by landlords hoping to scratch a living and the fear of overdraft fees, not to mention the prospect of up to £53,000 of debt looming once you leave University, it's not surprising that an ever increasing number of students are turning to sex work as a way to make money quickly - cash in hand that will fit around a busy schedule of studying and socialising... The work that these students are doing isn't simply prostitution, with many turning to stripping on webcam services and working as lap dancers and strippers.