sexist advertising

Welsh bus company New Adventure Travel has been forced to abandon an ad campaign featuring topless women holding signs that
The advert is currently being investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) due to the number of complaints made
Coca-Cola have employed the trusty help of pin-up girls to help sell their new "premium milk product", Fairlife. But rather
Controversial US retailer American Apparel has once again flouted advertising regulations with images of women in vulnerable
From a woman with four breasts advertising a Playstation console to women selling Ryanair flights in their underwear, the
For an organisation which campaigns against the cosmetic industries' use of animal testing, PETA seem unwilling or unable to engage with the relationship between the fashion-beauty complex, animal testing and torture, and their own use of pornography.
Toy company Hasbro has had its fair share of toddlers with 'tude throwing their sexist toys out of the pram this year. It