Shale gas

The PM will hit back at people who "sneered at wind power", just like he did.
The government has "put a moratorium on fracking in England", said energy secretary Andrea Leadsom.
Operations were paused for 18 hours after the 1.55 magnitude tremor.
Lib Dem-led letter to PM warns development of a new fossil fuel industry of any kind is "unacceptable".
Hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, is a process in which water and chemicals are injected into rocks at high pressure to extract gas. While plans to extract shale gas in the UK have stalled for the last seven years, companies are pushing for exploratory drilling to continue. Protestors have stopped progress at many sites around the UK and continue to call for all fracking plans to be stopped due to concerns about the environment, particularly drinking water and pollution.
Gwede Mantashe says there is a trend where those who can "pay" are afforded mining rights.
The UK onshore oil and gas industry fully respects people's legitimate right to lawful and peaceful protest. What we can't accept is intimidation of our employees and our suppliers. It is wrong to threaten people's safety and put their businesses at risk.
Labour is clear on the long-term direction of travel of the British economy. The Tories are trying to lock the country into the old, dirty technologies that harm our communities and the people who are forced to live with disruption on their doorstep... By contrast, Labour will back the clean technologies of the future, and make sure the opportunities for good jobs, investment and a safe environment are shared across the whole of the UK.
So will there be a fracking free-for-all? Not quite. Unfortunately the industry will inevitably expand, but probably not in the way people are expecting.
It seems then, that much like the high-pressure fluid injected to fracture our rock, mounting pressure from politicians and campaigners is creating cracks throughout Britain. Indeed, it is no longer just the 'Green Blob' that opposes fracking.