sharia law

A South African man and his Ukrainian fiancée are reportedly being held in the United Arab Emirates for unlawful sex after
A British woman who was jailed in Bahrain after her husband accused her of adultery is battling to return home. Hannah James
Actress Frances Barber claims she was accosted by a "sharia" Uber driver who told her she was "disgustingly dressed" while
Investigators box up evidence at the scene of the Texas draw Muhammed cartoon contest shootings “We need an international
The government is to develop a student loan system complaint for Sharia Law in order to boost the Muslim population at England's
An Egyptian looks at traditional Ramadan lanterns at a market in Cairo on 26 June “Those who violate [that]… will face the
A Nigerian man says he has been detained on a psychiatric ward and forcibly medicated on the grounds of his atheism. Mubarak
The greatest threat to Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood lies not in potential competitors, parliamentary limitations, or new regulations, as much as it does in lack of progress within the movement itself...