Dozens of containers with items including flat-screen televisions have washed up on Dutch islands in the North Sea after a ship lost part of its cargo in heavy seas, bringing a windfall for local treasure hunters.
A passenger ship collided with a crane in the port of Barcelona. The collapsing crane sent people scrambling to safety and started a fire. The poor weather conditions may have made steering the ship difficult.
A ship found at the bottom of the Black Sea has been dated to 400 BC, making it the oldest intact shipwreck in the world. An archaeology project has been mapping the area where dozens of ships lie on the seabed.
The high-tech ship and its research crew left Durban on Tuesday to solve the aviation mystery.
The latest addition to the Royal Navy, HMS Queen Elizabeth, a 280 metre long aircraft carrier with 700 crew, arrived in Portsmouth
A Russian officer drank half a litre of rum before crashing a 423ft cargo ship in Scotland, an investigation has found. The
A lot of people use the same starting point when they ask our volunteers questions in the museum; "This may be a stupid question, but..." The thing is, 99.999% of the time it isn't. They tend to be pretty obvious questions, such as when the Mary Rose sank (19th July 1545, fact-fans!), or were there any survivors (30-40), but that doesn't make them stupid.
A car carrier ship which ran aground near the Isle of Wight can be seen leaning over at a staggering 45-degree angle, after
A British exploration ship abandoned on an ill-fated mission to travel through the fabled North West Passage has been discovered
This is what is looks like when the world's largest in-service container ship, the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller sails through