West Mercia Police is investigating Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Hospital Trust.
When lockdown began, The Prince Rupert Hotel in Shrewsbury was asked to open their doors and their rooms to the rough sleepers of the town, to stop the spread of coronavirus. The owner tells us of how it’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of his life.
Every year, hundreds of predictions are made about the football season ahead. Promotion and relegation candidates are pored
A man has been arrested after pages were torn from the Koran and thrown during a football match, police said. The incident
Twenty eight people have been charged with violent disorder and other offences after an inquiry into clashes between rival
A lot of people will find what I have written here quite unusual and maybe unreal. But when you look at all the sigtings reports, images, eye witness accounts, and inside information from people who worked within military and black ops projects, things become a lot clearer.
Times are changing and this subject is becoming much bigger with an ever growing amount of people in search of the truth. The people have a right to know what's really going on regarding Extra-Terrestrials and UFOs and it will only be a matter of time before we as a race move forward and take the next step...
Since approximately 1980, a secret space fleet code named 'Solar Warden' has been in operation unknown to the public...
I 100% believe that UFO and extraterrestrials are with us constantly, and it is only a matter of time until it is fact.