I’m 45 years old and have been shy for as long as I can remember
I was giving a talk the other day, to an audience of around a hundred or more people, some strangers, some colleagues and I was really enjoying myself. I was moving around the stage, joking, ad-libbing even, making eye contact.
The extrovert, you see, is a part I play (or at least this is how it feels), and I can play her very well most of time, and I do have a good time for a short time, but at the end of the day, something's got to give, and the shy, retiring girl emerges in her place.
Human interaction is the lynchpin of life, so it goes without saying that shyness, as well as severe social anxiety, can be extremely difficult to live with. It can affect every area of your life, from hampering your performance at work or university, to completely sabotaging your enjoyment of social engagements...
You'll be making new friends before you know it.
Whether you’ve moved somewhere new or simply want to expand your friendship circle, often the only way to make a new connection
The funny thing is people often tell me I'm brave for moving to a different country on my own. But I don't feel brave. Being so trapped within myself robs me of any courage I might have had otherwise. I know that ultimately I'm the only one with the key to release myself... and what a liberating day it will be when I do.
Never say the words 'group presentation'.
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I am determined not to allow myself to be limited by my fear of interacting with people. Whether I was born with an inclination towards social anxiety or whether I happened to develop it, I'm desperate to overcome it.