“As we head back to some kind of normality, we wanted to bring back a much bigger celebration."
When I met my husband, I wasn’t making a conscious decision to be with someone who wasn’t Indian or Sikh.
‘It represents the survival of our people.’
Gurjeet Singh says he is traumatised, the Sikh Coalition reports.
The only expectation the Sikh community have of the newly elected MPs, in terms of matters pertaining to the Panth, is the expectation of gaining an honest and upfront answer from the UK government on the Panthic objective; which for the Sikhs remains complete autonomy and independence from the Indian State.
History has been made as we not only have the first ever turban wearing Sikh in Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi from Slough, but also the first ever female Sikh MP in Preet Kaur Gill from Birmingham Edgbaston. Since the results from Slough and Birmingham Edgbaston in the early hours there has been a buzz in the Sikh community.
An adviser to Jeremy Corbyn has apologised after the Labour leader was accused of offending the Sikh community. On Thursday
Several people took to Twitter to complain the the Labour leader. Conservative Sikh member Harsimrat Kaur said: “This offensive
We must not go astray in our commitment to the implementation of universal and inveterate human rights, rights not only for those persecuted minorities who are increasingly taking recourse in arguments which ground them, but for the tragic story of a couple who went so far as to honour their love for one another despite their disparate creeds and despite the dangers that regressive people in their isolated communities are viciously willing to pose.