The Republican presidential candidate faced an internet pile on after she declined to say slavery was the cause of the Civil War.
Buckingham Palace released a statement following The Guardian's discovery of a new document linking the transatlantic slave trade to the royals in 1689.
The Duke of Cambridge also referred to comments his father, Prince Charles, made last year in Barbados about the "appalling atrocity of slavery".
Controversial review says British schools should teach a “new story” about “the Caribbean experience”.
The PM says we need to stop "self recrimination and wetness" about Rule Britannia! and Land Of Hope And Glory's association with slavery and colonialism.
No10 spokesperson says Johnson believes "substance", not "symbols", is most important. Dowden says UK should not "erase" its history.
More than 3,500 have signed a petition saying their degrees will be devalued if the Cass Business School drops the name of Sir John Cass.
The hugely popular historically inspired hip-hop musical recently arrived on Disney+.
Police have come under fire for putting out pictures of non-violent anti-racist demonstrators.
Students from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds reveal the appalling moments teachers told them their ancestral pasts were invalid.