Social exclusion

NHS workers tell HuffPost UK what it was like to get vaccinated – and why people from BAME communities should too.
Women and marginalised communities are disproportionately affected by the subtle ban on vaguely "inappropriate” posts.
I guess the only thing we can do is recognise that we're overly sensitive when it comes to getting excluded, and try not to take it too personally. I remind myself of all the people in my life who have gone out of their way to make me feel loved and valued.
On a smaller scale in day-to-day living, such confusion dictates what happens in classrooms, the workplace, on social media, in life. Psychologists call this 'pluralistic ignorance'.
The government has its sights set on superfast broadband for all, and the announcement in the Autumn Statement of a £100million pot for high speed internet links in 10 cities across Britain will be a welcome boost for households who want to see an improvement in their services.
The only way we can build our society is to build our homes. Home is a place where a child starts life. A warm and caring stable family environment is essential for the healthy growth of a child. Human society stands on the shoulder of families. Strong families create strong moral values, such as love, respect, loyalty, care, patience, sacrifice, fairness, integrity, compromise and openness.
A few weeks ago, at the height of the News of the World scandal, I appeared on the BBC's World Have Your Say to talk about
Thousands of people live in Tottenham, Hackney and other parts of London and the vast majority of them, law-abiding citizens, have condemned the riots.