Social isolation

Social isolation and struggling to get access to food and medicines are among the issues disproportionately affecting disabled women in the Covid-19 pandemic.
Imagine the crushing hurt when this occurs and there’s nothing to be afraid of, writes Simon Woolley.
Admittedly there are barriers, but we can be resourceful and creative — and take a moment to re-assess, writes Phil Lurie.
Allow these hamsters, bunnies, guinea pigs, ferrets and other cuddly pets help you feel warm and fuzzy again.
Picking up the phone or slipping a note through a neighbour's door still shows you care, writes Alex Smith.
We should be encouraging our local authorities to develop initiatives which bring different generations together for face-to-face interactions
The world's first Loneliness Minister wants to stop people being cut off from contact with others.
There is much said about the reported social care 'crisis' in the UK. This has been caused by a myriad of factors, not least
Backing this up, Anchor's new research has found that 30% of those aged over 65 think a pet reduces feelings of anxiety and 28% believe they increase happiness. Tellingly of the companionship and comfort pets can offer, the majority of older pet owners said they rely more on their pets for company than they do on their friends, children or neighbours.