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Social Mobility Commission says UK is in grip of an early years workforce crisis.
An overwhelming majority of the British public would support a ban on unpaid internships, according to the Social Mobility
This waste of talent and ability is a disgrace. Our research found that young Muslims are often aspirational, ambitious, hardworking, young people who are often not being given the opportunity to fulfill their potential. It is time for robust and immediate intervention from Government, schools, universities and employers to create an equal playing field.
The Social Mobility Commission (SMC) recently released a new report examining 20 years of government efforts to tackle social
Amidst the political drama of the last few weeks, you may have missed the publication of three thought-provoking reports
We know more needs to be done and through tracking and discussing issues we can begin to break down the roadblocks to create routes for success for others. And that's why government, academia, business and the public sector need to align views and best practice. It's a long-term goal and I hope that by 2037 the Commission will be writing about the Social Mobility Revolution.
London's dominance has created a 'new geography', says social mobility report.
Britain's deep social mobility problem - in terms of huge differences in life chances within generations - was perhaps made tolerable by the twentieth century promise that each generation would be better off. But the young are finding that this promise is now being broken.
By supporting programmes to improve children's social and emotional health in parallel at school and in the home, the Government can help parents and educators to improve life outcomes for children, protect against mental health issues, raise academic attainment, and give children the skills to live emotionally healthy lives.