A four-day working week, free childcare and a universal income are no longer distant policy issues – they are life and death, writes James Muldoon.
Prime minister Pedro Sanchez will need to form a coalition with smaller parties.
Far-right nationalist Vox party poised to enter the lower house of parliament for the first time.
For disciples of Corbynism, like Ken Loach, the EU embodies ‘neoliberalism’, symbolising the departure from Spirit of ‘45 socialism. It represents an interconnected, capitalist direction of travel, that must be halted
88-year-old Bunny Easton has been protesting against what he doesn’t agree with since 1955. Hoping for a society that subscribes to socialist ideals, he tells us why he protests, how you don’t need to be the protest leader to have an impact and why the world still needs protests.
Many western leftists insistently support a regime turning Venezuela into a heap of state corruption and poverty
The whole point of trick-or-treating, of course, is that children get candy ― free ― from friendly neighbors. 
You will all remember from school science lessons that two minuses make a plus. Not in politics it seems.
With Labour polling 19 points behind the Conservatives, nobody on the left can afford to have illusions of happy days within the foreseeable future, but the response to that is not to get despondent, to give up, or fixate obsessively on left-on-left sectarianism.