I met Josh Taylor in an Afghan restaurant. We broke the ice over a 'couple's selection' of charcoal grilled meat, dhal and some obligatory naan. We share a passion for Central and South Asia, having met the year before in Kyrgyzstan, as you do.
Recent weeks have not been kind to Michael Howard. On July 31 the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) announced that it was launching
Divorce is never going to be easy for any of the parties involved - especially if children are part of the equation. Divorce is linked with a huge number of negative effects on children; not only the stress and anxiety of going through a period of severe change, but also a decline in exam results and even negative effects on health.
For many years the legal profession has been transforming the demographic of its workforce to accommodate students from different backgrounds and creeds, but more still needs be done to ensure that more black and minority ethnic (BME) individuals break through the 'glass ceiling'.
College years are often some of the most memorable, and quite rightly so, as you learn more about others but also yourself. Enjoy your college years to the maximum, but at the same time, be sure to keep your eyes on the prize!
You have been mistakenly identified from CCTV footage; a student has falsely accused you of molesting her; you have been charged with assault while defending yourself from a drunk; you need a lawyer to advise you, but can't afford one.
Collaborative lawyers sign an agreement with you which disqualifies them from representing you in court if the collaborative process breaks down. This means they are committed to helping you to find the best solutions by agreement rather than conflict.
And so after two years of knocking on corporate doors with no success I've decided to go it alone. But what made me decide to take this massive change?
Divorce can be among the most painful and bruising episodes life can throw at you. And if you happen to be financing the entire process on an average salary, you'll have the added anxiety of keeping legal fees within your means to pay.