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Nigel Farage has suggested the alleged Tory election fraud is the reason he isn’t currently an MP. Speaking on the Today
A Tory MP has reportedly been interviewed by police under caution as part of the investigation into the party’s expenses
Prime Minister Theresa May’s top adviser has been ‘doorstepped’ by Channel 4 News’s Michael Crick as the controversy over
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Was our victory any more radical than that of the Tories? Was our campaign any more bizarre than that of UKIP? Is our religion any less reasonable than the blind worship of England - that wounded Leviathan made of real ale, fake history and potato-faced aggression?
I agreed that having spent the previous few months spent photographing migrants in Calais I was an unlikely candidate to be asking to document the UK Independence Party and their leader Nigel Farage's 2015 election campaign, but it felt important to me to try and understand their point of view. One way or another they said yes. We all regretted it pretty quickly, but by then my limpet-like qualities had started to exert themselves; I might very well drown on the way but I was clinging on until 8 May.
Nigel Farage should "take a break," according to Ukip's sole MP Douglas Carswell. The party chief, who failed in a parliamentary