special needs

The prospect of having our children at home during the coronavirus outbreak without the professional support they need is almost too much to bear, writes Sam Carlisle
"I feel like I don’t trust my own judgement because you have so many people with letters behind their name telling you that what you’re doing is making a fuss."
More than 160 personnel are now searching for the 15-year-old from London, who has special needs.
The missing schoolgirl, who has special needs, was on holiday with her family at the Dusan resort in a nature reserve near Seremban.
I am proud of the unique experiences I had with Laura, but grieve too for the 'normal' things we never experienced as brother and sister
If your (not so) little one will soon be heading to senior school, here are some pointers to help make their move as smooth as possible
The actor's eldest son was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome at age two.
I realised we have not removed our son from his community. We have given him one