Football means the same to me as any other fan: it’s normal, everyday life. It’s just what everyone else does. I got into
Manchester United are a bit like Brexit. Most of the time they're brought up, people either fall over themselves with delight or roll their eyes and act disgusted.
So Manchester United were a matter of minutes plus a Michael Carrick ice-cream away from a terrible end to 2016. But on the
I'm a third generation Arsenal fan because my Mum told me that's what I was. Though I lived all my childhood in Edinburgh
After a season of sweeping teams away with their relentless attacking display for the majority of last season, there was great intrigue into how Spurs might fare in 2016/17 without the services of Mousa Dembele: a fundamental puzzle piece of the team's success in the last campaign. So far the signs are not looking too good.
With plans possibly afoot to kill off FA Cup replays and play games midweek in order to increase English chances in Europe and in international tournaments, we should enjoy the cup in its current form. Although looking ahead, I'm not seeing too many possible shocks.
Last season rather petered out for Tottenham. Broadly speaking it wasn't bad, but with any chance of a top four finish long gone and fondly held hopes of avoiding Europa League qualification also dashed, some of us who attended the last home game against Hull struggled to stay awake...
Tottenham have made some smart if unspectacular moves in the transfer market so far. But there's one issue they can't afford
I have heard of people who have given up their season tickets in middle age, citing the colossal waste of time and money it all is. My assumption has always been that these people must have been lightweights all along.
Anyone who thinks Pochettino has merely been lucky to turn up at a time when these players have started to excel should glance at what he did at Southampton. In the time he was there he turned a bunch of largely uncelebrated professionals into big stars.