Some days after appearing in the media to discuss a report, I was naturally expecting some people to do a ‘double take’ when
A charity dedicated to helping victims of stalking has won funding for a world-first project which aims to ‘rehabilitate
A shockingly tiny percentage of stalking incidents end in the prosecution of the perpetrator, according to a charity. The
At Paladin we take all threats to harm and kill seriously, including an alarming increase in threats to throw acid at a victim, which has happened in 12% of our recent cases. We know that 1 in 2 of domestic stalkers, if they make a threat will act on it and it's 1 in 10 of non-intimate stalkers, if they make threat, will act on it.
Failure to take action on stalking could lead to an escalation in violence and potentially death, a study of more than 350
So what happens when a film series of this magnitude frames domestic abuse and male violence against women as sexy and desirable? What message does it send to women and girls, and also to men and boys? Who benefits from widespread acceptance of the belief women and girls secretly want and enjoy sexual violence?