Stalking as a topic tends to be seen through a distorted lens.
Ex-BBC presenter Alex Belfield was jailed on Friday for offences committed between 2012 and 2021.
The former BBC Breakfast presenter and her teenage daughter were targeted with multiple intimidating messages.
PM under pressure to act after powerful speeches from women peers urging better protection.
House of Lords expected to pass amendment, forcing ministers to accept or come up with alternative
We have no coherent system of proactively identifying and monitoring serial stalkers and abusers. Until we do, women will always be at risk, writes Labour peer Baroness Royall.
Prisoner Edward Vines sent two letters to the BBC Newsnight presenter's mother.
Being stalked by a former partner can make you doubt your choices. A new law to protect accusers early on is a step in the right direction, author Katie Bishop writes.
The lawsuit filed in Los Angeles accuses the actor and organisation of stalking, intimidation and conspiracy stemming from rape allegations against the actor.
Grice was issued with a fixed penalty notice after she complained about being harassed by ex-partner Michael Lane.