Stars in Their Eyes

Vorders as Cher? Jerry Springer as Elvis? Roy Cropper as Roy Orbison? Yep, they all happened.
There’s plenty of talk right now about some of our favourite cheesy TV faves returning to our screens, with reboots of both
What is not to love? Original host was Leslie Crowther, with Matthew Kelly taking over after two years, and staying until
Some good news for classic TV fans, ‘Stars In Their Eyes’ - y’know, the show where Brenda from the Tesco checkout would disappear
We sing to, dance with and buy music because it matters to us. It matters usually because of how it makes us feel, but also who it connects us with, what tribes it creates. That interconnection both within us and between us is irresistible, I suspect increasingly, because just as more of life is becoming virtual, music can't not remain real.
ITV bosses are planning a new Saturday night show - billed as a cross between 'The X Factor' and 'Stars In Their Eyes'. The