state visit

The prospect of the monarch being confronted by protesters and piles of garbage in the streets of Paris forced officials to rethink their plans.
On the final day of his state visit, the US president marked the 75th anniversary of the second world war campaign.
US president “really believes in Brexit” says ex-Ukip chief.
Trump impersonators, women dressed as handmaids, sculptures, blimps and signs protested the president’s state visit to the UK.
US President Donald Trump used his favourite medium of communication, Twitter, to say that there were “tremendous crowds of well wishers” on his state visit to the UK, and that he hadn’t seen any protestors yet on the first day of his UK state visit. He followed up by saying that “Fake News” would find them. We sure did.
US President also denies calling Meghan Markle “nasty”, despite the comments being recorded.
The snarling, nappy-wearing orange baby Trump blimp might make a return as protesters in London prepare for the US president’s state visit in June. The blimp first greeted Trump when he visited Britain in 2018. The team behind it say they are raising funds via crowdfunding, so the six-metre tall balloon can fly again.
YouGov/Queen Mary University London survey shows huge opposition