stay-at-home dads

On top of prejudice, societal pressures and expectations, many people still believe a new baby is best being looked after by its mother
Yet, as the euphoria fades and the reality of day to day life with children settles, it's likely that you've had some concerns about your body. Perhaps you've noticed that it's changed a little of late? Maybe you're not the athlete you once were? Have you discovered hair in places you never dreamed of?
The Office of National Statistics has just published new data about the state of the UK. Lo and behold, this has led to excitable headlines about a fall in the number of stay at home dads in Britain.
From a personal point of view, I can attest to that feeling, but powering this new dad energy is about more than just bad memories. Those memories alone don't sustain efforts. When I think about Millennial dads, what's behind the change in the main is about the changing virtues and values of us as men.
My journey began with a flight from London to Doha, Doha to Bangkok and finally Bangkok to Chiang Mai. The pilot (or captain) of this third flight was a woman; I was equally surprised and delighted when I heard her dulcet tones welcome us over the speaker system. Women in Thailand were not limited to being cabin crew, they could fly planes too!
While it should be commended that the major political parties are at least acknowledging the role of fathers in the modern age, we need to be careful of delivering soundbites with little real change, and instead focus on the policies and conversations with employers that drive much more real equity in a balanced parenting world.
Well, actually everyday is daddy's day for Luke at daddynanydiaries, and there are now over 1.75m SAHDs across the US. That number has doubled in the last 10 years, and it's clear that there are going to be a lot more constant daddy days for more and more fathers. We should be celebrating this.
Unfortunately, I don't have a solution for this gentleman - his inevitable financial woes or his apparent heart ache. And I think that's really because his entire life-arrangement was built on a trust which was founded in love. And now that the love is gone, there can be no trust and so the arrangement is worth nothing. How can you legislate for love lost?
Love was the glue that held me and my family together. I loved my dad, and I'm sure he loved me. We'd never actually say the words to each other (well I did when I knew he didn't have much longer to live), but I felt loved and held by him and my mum.
all women everywhere It's incredible to consider by 2016, that less than half of the countries in the world had achieved gender parity for girls in primary and secondary education. Staggeringly, only 29% of the world's researchers are women - under represented in fields of science and technology - the world's growing industries and arguably our future