steve turner

General secretary candidate Steve Turner says project was a responsible use of members’ money
Steve Turner says any evidence of anything "untoward" would trigger QC-led review.
Favourite to replace Len McCluskey on Millwall, Militant and knowing your turf.
Guidelines for general secretary election make it harder to get on ballot paper, MPs warn.
Conservative crowing on unemployment figures makes me sick. What sort of warped world is it where millions living on poverty pay, trapped in insecure work, is hailed as an economic miracle?This weekend, when Labour gathers to discuss the party's offer to our nations' peoples, top of its list must be the creation of decent jobs paying living wages. Britain's place in tomorrow's world will not be secured by offering our debt-saddled, degree-educated kids shelf-stacking or sandwich making. Economic prosperity for all has a better chance of flourishing if the economy is rebalanced.