Stirling Moss

His wife confirmed the news on Sunday morning.
As I started my way back into the paddock I already felt heartbroken. I didn't know what to say. As we turned off the engine I remember people talking to me, I mean I could see them moving their lips towards mine. I could feel people asking if I enjoyed that.
Sitting at a breakfast table in the Credit Suisse Drivers Club I am surrounded by living legends of the motor racing industry... The Monaco Grand Prix Historic is full of stories like this from legends such as Sir Stirling Moss to young drivers such as Michael Lyons.
Racing legend Sir Stirling Moss has said women "do not have the mental aptitude" to compete in Formula 1 racing in comments
No sooner had I started to explain my predicament Lady Moss scrambled about in her bag and pulled out a delightful box and from inside that a 'Drivers' armband, "I doubt if Stirling will need this, everyone knows who he is, go on you have this if it will help you". So there you have it, I have Sir Stirling Moss' Drivers armband!
Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel is still the man to beat at this weekend's British Grand Prix, according to racing
A classic Ferrari originally built for Stirling Moss has sold for a world record £22.7 million as the classic car market
Jaguar is synonymous with British racing prestige, dating back to Stirling Moss' 1950s heyday. The car manufacturer enjoyed