Adverts promoting gay conversion therapy designed to help people reach their "heterosexual potential" are set to appear on
One of Britain's most influential gay journalists has launched an outspoken attack against the Church by saying it should
The debate over gay marriage has escalated as secular and gay rights groups hit back at suggestions the sanctity of marriage
An Oxford university graduate has handed back his degree in protest against the university's decision to host a conference
Ann Widdecombe has been criticised for promoting the idea that gay people can be made straight. Writing in her Daily Express
A formal consultation on extending civil marriage to same sex couples will begin in 2012. The public consultation "to consider
The lifetime ban on gay men giving blood donations is to be lifted, but only for those who abstain for anal or oral sex for
For John Bercow, it will be an uncomfortable and embarrassing time. He'll be grateful that Parliament is in recess as that will provide some respite
You will do anything to save your life if you think you're going to be killed. When they were kicking my boyfriend, a strapping guy, down to the floor and then in the head, I thought, "That's it- we're going to die." I invented a fictional sister and kept repeating, "My little sister's at home, we really need to get home - just let us go."