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Students studying abroad are called home because of the spread of the coronavirus, "especially" from the U.S.
Many young people have expressed their frustrations about the outcome of the Brexit referendum. The European Union offers opportunities which are now at risk, they argue.
Here we compare our pros and cons, and discuss tips for studying abroad and travelling either side of the Atlantic Ocean!
In this day and age, we forget that not everything has to be online. You don't even have to make it known to everyone and share it on the Internet - I just did because I'm an attention-whore. It can be a link that you keep to yourself.
Hubsy Café If you can't study at home but feel guilty that you're throwing money down the drain on your fifth latte at Starbucks
Months before a big trip, you begin to imagine yourself in certain scenes and situations that might be encountered on your new journey. For lack of better insight, you collect your visions from movies, books, and stories told by your friends or family members...
I arrived into Quito, the capital of Ecuador, last week. It's a special place for me as it's where I first set foot in Latin America back in 2006. The Hispanic culture and language have now been a passion of mine for over half of my life and I continue to love it.
The dust has finally settled over Britain's momentous decision to leave the European Union, and as politicians begin to negotiate
There's been a sharp increase in the number of British students attending American colleges in the past decade. As well as it being a completely different education system, there are other surprises prospective applicants might want to consider...
Studying abroad in Europe can introduce you to experiences that you would never find in the United States. Before you fly over the Atlantic, however, be sure to prepare for your stay. The following four tips will help you avoid problems so that you can get more out of your time studying abroad.