Books with titles like Change Your Life in 7 Days, while superficially attractive, have nothing to do with the reality of building success through the years and decades. While it feels great to be inspired by a book or a motivational seminar, these pumped-up moments tell us nothing about how we bring desired things into being across a lifetime.
"Going out for a fag, eh?" Boyfriend's brother simpers sarcastically, as I spectacularly fail to sneak out for a cigarette without the usual derision.
New Year is the season for new commitments and new failures to see our commitments through. We begin well and mid-way through January we seek out those who abandoned their resolve early and use them as an excuse to do the same. It's too easy not to do what you say you really want to do.
It is true that many people end up putting the same resolutions on their list year after year and not making it much past the end of January before they are broken. If this resonates with you, how great would it be to achieve your resolutions during 2012 and not experience that groundhog day moment when you're writing your list next year?
Want to check your emails whilst at the beach or organise a video conference whilst doing your weekly Tesco shop? No problem, your smartphone can help you do that. Even if you fancy monitoring your heart rate to check your stress levels aren't getting to high - there's an app for that as well.
What's important to you should be what makes you happiest. Working in your zone and your flow creates all the lovely positive thinking and thoughts that create a happy environment for you and all those around you.
What is it that you'd really love to achieve? Lose weight? Make more money? Get a new job? Quit smoking? The other evening
I've taken two core questions from my book '10 Questions to ask for success' to show you how to get the best out of life.
So much emphasis is placed on exam results, you could be forgiven for thinking that not getting the results you desired is the end of the world, and will consign you to a lifetime of selling the Big Issue, or asking people if they want fries with that.