Is this the way to combat superbugs or is it a step too far?
Tackling the issue of hygiene in hospitals is a difficult proposition. While you can provide staff and visitors with the
The finding could help researchers develop better drugs.
A type of bacteria found in your nose could hold the key to fighting antibiotic resistant superbugs, research has suggested
Compounds found in cranberries could be harnessed to develop a new generation of antibiotics that combat antibiotic-resistant
Why TB is included in the AMR review is clear: over the last few decades TB has been quietly transforming itself into new strains of drug resistant TB (DR-TB). DR-TB causes an astounding 500 deaths a day and can't be cured with normal TB drugs.
Experts say 'superbugs' will kill someone every three seconds by 2050.
For decades we've relied on antibiotics to make us better when we're ill. But a new report has warned that, by 2050, "superbugs