'We believe that we can save the data using our technology for a whole 1,000 years.'
A ‘Doomsday Library’ to protect the world’s most precious books from Armageddon has opened in Svalbard in Norway. Nestled
Rudolph isn’t just useful for pulling a sleigh and destroying your roof tiles, it seems the real Christmas miracle is that
Refugees in Norway could be sent far north to an island archipelago in the Arctic Circle where people are outnumbered by
Named after its characteristic pointed peaks, Spitsbergen is riven with fjords, covered in two thirds ice and buckled with mountains bare of vegetation. Beyond the main settlement of Longyearbyen lie epic landscapes and wildlife ripe for the discovery.
The UK and Europe will experience a total solar eclipse in just a few weeks time and a company plans to cover the whole thing
Want a job in the great outdoors? You'll need mad firearms skills, 20-20 vision, a loud voice and a suitcase full of very
A young polar bear hitches a ride A polar bear cub hitches a a piggy back ride from his mother during an Arctic swim. The