Syrian opposition

Why are Syrian Muslims judged as extremists for fighting back against a brutal regime?
On Tuesday at least 72 people were killed in what is widely believed to have been a nerve agent chemical attack by Syrian
The last thing I expected on my latest trip to Syria at the very beginning of 2014 was to be able to eat a bowl of fetteh in Abu Salim's restaurant in Najjiyeh, in territory controlled by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
Zara Hakim is a Syrian currently living under siege in a southern suburb of Damascus. One of the many activists still inside Syria, she and her team have, for the past two weeks, been working to raise international attention for their 'Break the Siege' campaign...
On a geopolitical level, Russia and to a lesser extent China's support for Iran and Syria is part of a struggle against the West's objective of maintaining Washington's writ as leader of a unipolar world against a multipolar alternative in which Russia, China and the other BRIC group of developing economies enjoy parity... The stakes involved in the Syrian conflict, therefore, could not be higher.
Western military action in Syria would be a "satanic intervention against a satanic regime", a leading Syrian opposition
MPs are demanding parliament be given the right to veto any decision to arm the Syrian opposition movement, after the British
Any move to arm the Syrian opposition by the West would dangerously escalate the violence in the region and risk weapons
Only 12 per cent of Americans back arming the Syrian opposition movement a new poll has found, after President Obama suggested