US forces first invaded the country in 2001 following the September 11 attacks.
"That Sunday I was supposed to be hosting my son's seventh birthday party... I really didn’t want to die in that muddy field in Helmand."
President Donald Trump said he cancelled the Camp David meeting after the Taliban claimed responsibility for a deadly bomb attack in Kabul earlier this week.
Almost 200 people were wounded and 63 killed after an explosion ripped through a venue in the western part of the Afghan capital.
Talks have been aimed at ending the United States’ longest ever war.
I hope my story will inspire people, especially women, that there are no limits to success in the UK, no matter where you come from.
When a stray dog wagged his tail at me on a battlefield, little did we know it would change life for both of us
He was also behind a school massacre that killed 132 children.
Breshna Musazai earned her diploma after surviving a Taliban attack.
She is due to meet Pakistan's PM.