TaxPayers' Alliance

Householders who pay tradesmen in cash are "morally wrong", a Treasury minister has said. Exchequer Secretary David Gauke
There are all sorts of weird disparities in our tax system. Why should paying yourself through a company instead of being paid directly by your employer change what tax rate you pay?
A single 30% rate of income tax and further public spending cuts are needed to boost growth, according to a report backed
A massive seven-year government programme meant to increase efficiency has cost the taxpayer hundreds of millions of pounds
Train companies welcomed news that the Government is to go ahead with the HS2 high-speed rail project but a taxpayers' group
There have always been those opposed to progress. But we're not talking about the Galileo or the Industrial Revolution here - we're talking about 40 minutes off the journey between London and Birmingham - at a cost of £17 billion of public money! And, when no-one can be quite sure of the scheme's success, it does all seem like a little too high a price to pay.
A furious war of words has broken out between the Taxpayer’s Alliance and the government over claims that members of the
Speaker John Bercow has raised eyebrows after spending £30,000 on overseas travel in two years. The figures were revealed
Using taxpayers' money to fund trade union activity cannot be justified "morally or economically", David Cameron has said
Taxpayers are funding trade unions to the tune of £113 million a year through direct grants and paid time off for union reps