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HuffPost US compiled their list of top reads from the year.
Have “woke” identities been commodified by Teen Vogue in order to distinguish themselves from their competitors and sell their audience to advertisers?
Boys should stop being encouraged by the porn industry and mainstream journalists into seeing it as something they can and should obtain through coercion. Teen Vogue shouldn't bully feminists into being quiet when we express our views of their misogynistic journalism.
We had a group chat where they all agreed that they wore their hair straight because it was seen as more prized, attractive and easier to manage. They also said that they never wore their hair curly because they didn't know any techniques for styling it effectively - there was a massive knowledge gap.
Jude Law and Sadie Frost's daughter poses for Teen Vogue.
Jude Law’s daughter, model Iris Law, has graced the pages of Teen Vogue. But this isn’t the 15-year-old’s first time in Vogue’s
Teen Vogue has got everyone talking about race by featuring three non-white models on its cover, following criticism for
Magazines like Mizz and Bliss were once my go to style bibles- guiding me towards bootleg jeans galore. Once upon a time, girls' magazines featured girls' fashion; but nowadays, the likes of Miss Vogue point their young fashionistas towards more adult wardrobe choices.
What's better than One Direction? Five Direction of course. No, there's not a new boyband on the block after 1D's crown, we're