Homes in the private rented sector in England are worse than in any other, with a third of properties failing to meet basic standards and a sixth of renters, or 1.2 million adults, reporting problems with electricity in the last year...
I love cars. I can't help it really; my father had me driving a 1949 Austin to school mere days after passing my driving test. This was a pretty unique set of wheels for a 17-year old to commandeer, and it's been a twisted love affair with the automobile ever since...
It's clear the Government is trying to get to the root of the issue - immigrants need accommodation, so go to the source - but there are several problems with this proposal.
Aspiring to own is as much a part of our national DNA as tea, obsessing about the weather or losing on penalties. It's ingrained in our cultural psyche as a right rather than a hope but, with such a massive portion of the population renting and ownership in decline, isn't it time we learned to think differently?
Letting out your property for the first time can be a daunting task. There is, however, plenty of advice out there for first time landlords, so don't fret. Here's a few top tips to get you started.
One of the most important elements of renting any property is the relationship between you and your landlord. While horror stories do exist, they are thankfully very rare. By following these handy tips, tenants can help to minimise any prospective issues with their landlords.
Finding a property to rent can be a daunting task, and after all the appointments, viewings and offers you are sure to be relieved once you have finally secured your ideal home. Your attentions can now be focused on moving in, but before you consider how to get that piano through the door, there are a few things you should find out from your landlord.
In truth, Council Tax is up there with sprouts, MOTs and queueing among the most frustrating things in everyday life, so here's a brief guide to some of the changes in 2013/14 and a few tips to make Council Tax as painless as possible.
Students at Liverpool University have started naming and shaming a local housing agency because they feel they're being forced
A student has described how she fought tooth and nail to get her money back from a lettings agency who "tricked" her into