Dudley, the Pickwick family dog has his crown jewels removed early this week. The decision to do this was driven by advice from the local vet who said that there was a 20 per cent risk of testicular cancer if he retained them.
Size may not matter when it comes to your penis, but in the area of testicles, it means a lot when it comes to infidelity
A robbery suspect who accidentally shot himself in the testicles has been arrested. Joseph Johnson was charged with robbery
Most men would cringe at the idea of parting with a testicle, but in order to save a few bucks, a car lover is willing to
WARING: GRAPHIC VIDEO A Russian man was arrested and hospitalised after stripping naked and then nailing his testicles to
How far would you go to make a few quid? Ebay your vinyl collection? Car boot sale? Dog walking? How about flogging your
Male sperm counts decline with age. It takes a man over 45, five times longer to get his partner pregnant. Even older men who have very young wives (<25 years of age) take four times longer to impregnate their partners.
I knew that the only reason I was thinking about her is that I'd been canned. If I'd decided to stop seeing her, she could be having a fivesome with The Wiggles and I'd be blithely indifferent.
Skinny dippers rejoice: it turns out there most probably aren’t shoals of testicle-chomping fish off the coast of Sweden
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