The Children's Society

Problems do not magically disappear when children turn 18
One million children living in poverty in England will miss out on free school meals when Universal Credit is rolled out
Getting home from school offers no respite from bullies in 2017. Cyberbullying follows you everywhere - so instead of getting a break from name-calling or intimidation, nasty comments flash up on your phone or appear in your Facebook messages at any time.
Yet at a time when demand for council children's services is rising, severe Government funding cuts are leaving more children and their families to deal with problems alone. We are really concerned that without additional investment in this vital early support, more families will quickly reach crisis point and the risks for the children involved will grow.
Only a quarter of children and teenagers who need treatment for mental health problems are able to access it, a new report
'Tax credit cuts will condemn hundreds of thousands more children to lives overshadowed by poverty.'
Major changes to the benefits system coming into force today will condemn hundreds of thousands more children to poverty
Each and every one of us can help to protect children with learning disabilities, but as a society we must be prepared to fundamentally change our attitudes and approach to how this group of young people are treated and supported. Only then can we take the necessary steps to protect these children and make sure that no one uses their disability to sexually exploit them.