The Dark Knight Rises

Every now and then a gadget comes a long that prompts you to stop, stare and ask “Why?”. The Hushme is one of those gadgets
How much do we love this? Almost as much as we love Ryan Gosling. Yes, click play to enjoy Batman getting the romcom treatment
The reaction to the Batman/Superman film literally brought tears to some fans' eyes at Comic-Con on Saturday. A project which previously failed to take off with Wolfgang Petersen at the reins in 2004, it is an aggressive and bold effort by DC Comics to match Marvel's output. But it is the wrong approach and demeaning to Batman, a character who has just fronted three thrilling pictures.
Recent statistics suggest that 82% of people think it's acceptable to watch pirated TV shows, and the growing piracy rates back this up: the season premiere of Game of Thrones was watched illegally over one million times, compared to just over four million legitimate views, with foreign interest in the series being a large cause.
Everyone hates the 'one percent'. Most people do anyway. After all, the only people who tend to like one-percenters are other one-percenters and, well, there aren't very many of them. This poses something of a conundrum regarding the Iron Man franchise.
Bikers! Want to feel a bit more superhuman when you're out on your motorcycle? Well, look no further - because thanks to
Did you, like a zillion other moviegoers, have difficulty understanding Tom Hardy's Bane in 'The Dark Knight Rises'? Then
The major difference between Imax and regular cinema is the size of the screen. It is much larger than the screen you will find in a regular cinema. It not only has a big screen it also has big speakers.