the great get together

Jo Cox used to say there was no such thing as the ‘too difficult’ pile – more than ever we have to continue in that spirit and build on what we do have in common
As tragedy after tragedy unfolds on our own doorstep here in the UK it becomes a little easier for me to imagine the kind of horror people fleeing war have experienced - the horror they are running from and the horrors they have seen while trying to get their families to safety.
More than 120,000 events were held across the country in memory of MP.
”My friend Jo loved a party.  And she loved boats.  So it’s only right that we should all drink beer and get on a boat.” Wirral
Four ex-Prime Ministers have united to remember Labour MP Jo Cox and ask the public to take part in an event in her honour
Last time I was in that cavernous space, it was the by-election. Nine fringe parties stood against me and the atmosphere was tense. My acceptance speech was heckled by far-right fanatics and it took all my determination to power through and stand my ground. This time, the atmosphere was very different... Driving back to my cottage in Hartshead with the sun on the horizon, I felt sure Jo would be proud. There have been times when I have doubted my ability to follow someone so talented and so loved but the overwhelming number of votes has given me a real confidence that my community believe in me as their advocate and MP in my own right.
A host of celebrities have revealed what they think unites us a nation in memory of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox.  Ed Sheeran
A brief pause, a month before The Great Get Together event
The husband of murdered MP Jo Cox has urged all political parties to suspend general election campaigning for one hour later
Last month The Big Lunch patron HRH The Duchess of Cornwall hosted the launch of The Great Get-Together at Clarence House