The Moth

"That Sunday I was supposed to be hosting my son's seventh birthday party... I really didn’t want to die in that muddy field in Helmand."
"I notice that on the coat tree there’s this beautiful robe. Kind of like a church robe except it’s white, and it has a round circle with a white cross on it and a hood."
For a collaboration between HuffPost UK and The Moth, author Cynthia Riggs tells her story of falling for an old friend through cryptic letters.
The knock on me was that I was only there because I was a woman – that while I was good, I wasn’t actually one of the best players in the world.
For a collaboration between HuffPost UK and The Moth, Kimberly Reed tells her story of returning to her Montana hometown for her father's funeral, and reuniting with her brother and old friends.
When you train to become a doctor, they don’t really teach you about death. They teach you how to prevent it, how to fight it, how to say it, but not how to face it.
Edwards' syndrome meant writer Lynn Ferguson's son faced low odds of survival. For a collaboration between HuffPost UK Personal and The Moth, she tells her story of what rejecting a termination taught her about courage.
One woman's story of secret love, being 'disfellowed' from her faith, and the way back, as part of a collaboration between The Moth and HuffPost UK
Activist Barbara Collins Bowie retells how her mother's discriminatory treatment at a Mississippi hospital sparked a life in the civil rights movement
Explorer Ann Daniels shares her ascent from applying for an Arctic expedition as an amateur to becoming one of the first women to ski to the North Pole