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He was called a 'masterful actor' and 'one of a kind' by series creators.
Never mind actually replicating the highwire walk of Philippe Petit, who famously skipped along a tightrope strung between
It seems audiences have become fatigued by predictable protagonists and in response, multi-series television has given rise
Netflix has been at the forefront of this shift in the way we interact with our televisions, offering viewers an unprecedented quantity of content from one source, much of which had previously only been available by purchasing expensive movies from the likes of Sky or Virgin, or enjoying an old school DVD boxset.
Without doubt I am immersed in the podcast. With each episode I lie on my bed and listen as Sarah Koenig brilliantly takes us on a journey of genuine mystery. In a world of Netflix and Sky Go, it seems almost archaic to make time to sit and listen to an audio broadcast.
Idris Elba has announced that he will be performing at this year's Glastonbury festival in June. The 'Luther' star has been
He may have played a drug dealer in 'The Wire', but it's emerged Idris Elba might have used his own personal experiences
This week's finale of the critically acclaimed Breaking Bad achieved what most series dare only dream of, transcending the confines of the small screen to become a socio-cultural event, anticipated with not so much eagerness as frothing vigour and concurrently mourned by many like a death in the family...
The Waltons lived within certain moral bounds, but Breaking Bad and The Wire clearly have an alternate code because when we say they will do anything to bring money in to bolster their families, we soon find out that this mean anything.
Idris Elba has branded Liam Gallagher an "idiot". The Luther star hit back at the former Oasis singer after their bust up