Theo Paphitis

The accountant was forging cheques at their company Red Letter Days.
‘Dragons’ Den’ stars and business tycoons Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis were conned out of £33,000, after their gift experience
Theo Paphitis is a man passionate about business - whether it's his or someone else's, the former Dragons Den star is championing
Ukip and party leader Nigel Farage peddle "ridiculous nonsense" about the impact immigrants have on Britain, Cobra Beer boss
Former Dragons' Den star Theo Paphitis has issued a robust defence of immigrants' contribution to the UK, rubbishing claims
Britain needs an apprenticeships "revolution", with a major increase in the quality and quantity available for young people
Former Dragons' Den star Theo Paphitis has hit out at "morally bankrupt" payday lenders and called for them to be outlawed
Former Dragons' Den star Theo Paphitis gave £10,000 to the Liberal Democrats last year, four years after donating £10,000
Kirstie Allsopp has called for a "rethink" to a controversial tax on shop units known as business rates in order to help
Ed Miliband will offer an £800m tax break to smaller firms as part of a mission to make Labour "the party of small business
Town centre shops closed at a rate of 18 a day over the first half of the year, despite signs of improvement in the wider
Theo Paphitis has called for a 2% sales tax to be imposed on shopkeepers and online retailers in order to save British high
The Guardian's 'SocialEnterprise' has just published a piece quoting Dragon, Theo Paphitis, saying that the future of our High Streets is in the hands of young entrepreneurs.
She may be at the centre of rumours she hooked up with One Direction's Niall Horan, but 'Made In Chelsea' star Louise Thompson
Theo Paphitis has left the hit entrepreneur show 'Dragons' Den' to concentrate on running his string of businesses - declaring
Businesses across the UK will be given loans of £100,000 by the University of Huddersfield - the first university to offer
Dragon's Den star Theo Paphitis has bucked the retail trend by posting strong figures for all three of his retail ventures