Thyroid Conditions

Disruptions to drug supply chains between the UK and EU could have a devastating impact.
More people could be at risk of dying of cancer in the UK if no transitional arrangements are put in place post-Brexit. Experts
About two years ago now, just after I started my first full-time job out of university, I was sat playing with my hair at my desk when I felt a tiny little bald spot on my head. It was small, really small and hidden under my thick long hair but my heart sank and I was panicking, devastated, thinking about every scenario possible and worrying myself
'I thought of myself as myself as a ‘problem patient’, when really I was a patient with a problem.'
From misdiagnosed endometriosis to the sinister reality of vaginal mesh implants, there are too many examples of women’s
New research has shown men who have diabetes are very likely to develop erectile dysfunction. A review of 145 studies, involving
We all want our gut to feel good. No one wants a gut that is in constant turmoil possibly leading to serious conditions of