tiger king

The former Strictly Come Dancing couple are apparently big fans of the weird and wonderful Netflix documentary.
He believes Exotic would be unable to “forgive and forget” if he was released early.
The way we treat wildlife matters. In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, we're seeing the dire consequences of this right now, writes Carolyn Mueller Kelly.
The mulleted, gun-toting breakout star of the Netflix hit is currently serving 22 years in prison.
The mulleted star of the Netflix hit is serving 22 years after plotting to have an animal rights activist murdered.
The singer and his wife Ayda Field channelled Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin for their latest Instagram offering.
Jeff, who now operates Joe Exotic's zoo, revealed the news on Twitter.
As with anything in the Netflix show, it's complicated.
Almost 20 years before the Netflix documentary, the animal trainer was part of another iconic pop culture moment.