Tom Brake

Umunna's back in the City, Brake's learning to cook and Sandbach is spending time with the family.
PM under fire for asking police officers to form backdrop for "naked electioneering" speech. West Yorkshire police chief "disappointed" in Johnson.
Less than a third of companies that trade with the EU have registered to continue doing business from November if the UK leaves without a deal.
Ministers admitted they have no agreements in place if the UK crashes out of the bloc.
Just two of the companies could confirm insurance would be paid out as normal.
With the unilateral right to revoke Article 50 if we choose to do so, we now have real options beyond the Prime Minister’s ‘my deal or no deal’ fiction
It’s also only fair that those who will have to live with the consequences of Brexit the longest, should not be denied their say
The Brexit people voted for is a distant dream. All MPs opposing a hard Brexit must wake up to the truth
Instead of hollow words, Corbyn should deliver on what he promised at Glastonbury - to stand united against the Brexit fiasco the Government is creating
'It's clear it's going to be bad for people's health.'
Clueless about the EU? Then a job In DExEU could be for you.
But Labour's Keir Starmer says it wouldn't get us very far.
A Lib Dem MP hopes reports of a £50bn Brexit ‘divorce’ bill will lead to heightened calls for a second referendum. Tom Brake
Long-term budget decisions made by the government will hit poorer families hardest, analysis reveals.  According to the Treasury’s
With only one year to go for a UK-EU deal to be reached (when incorporating the time it takes for the deal to be ratified by the EU Parliament and the EU27), it's time the Government got real and made some constructive offers such as to ring-fence citizens' rights. This is their only real chance of breaking the deadlock. We can all hear the clock ticking away...
In the last year I have been labelled a "remoaner", called a traitor and asked to shut up and get on with it. As a democrat, I accept the result of the referendum but I equally will not cave in to those who want to silence anyone who challenges the Government's 'Hard Brexit' approach.
By 2039 more than 1 in 12 people will be 80 or over. This is a considerable segment of the population - yet markets, high
Everyone who believes in keeping Britain an open country - open to business, to talent, to Europe and the world - should welcome the Court's decision. Now we need to focus on fighting for a Brexit deal that will retain our openness and prosperity in the years to come.
Turkey, a country of 76million people, which borders Syria and Iraq, will be a full member of the European Union by 2020. By 2024, a million Turks will have moved to the United Kingdom. And a few years after that, armed Turkish gangs will be marauding through sleepy British towns and villages. That was the message the Vote Leave campaign, led by Boris Johnson, pushed relentlessly throughout the referendum on our EU membership. So you would have thought that, once Boris was promoted to the dizzying heights of Foreign Secretary, he would do everything in his power to dampen speculation that Turkey would become part of Europe. Not a bit of it.