Tommy Robinson activist

Backers of the former English Defence League leader gathered outside the broadcaster’s base in Salford for a demonstration.
William Eve asked a reporter if she was “f*****g stupid” and called her “a slag”.
Rape Crisis UK, which helps BAME women access help, was bombarded with "overtly racist" abuse, the charity said.
The video, which sees Robinson boast about drug taking and using racial slurs, suggests his journey back from his English Defence League past isn’t quite complete.
Teenage refugee seen attacked in a viral video reveals he has settled into a new home in the Midlands.
In the chaos of Brexit, it is both worrying and a possible harbinger of things to come that far right groups have been so eager and quick to capitalise on existing protest movements
It will be difficult, and it will be protracted, but if we can convince Facebook and PayPal to be stricter in their application of bans, we can starve the network of funds they need to operate.
'Beware Remoaners, our strength and courage comes from The Terminator.'
Family of 15-year-old say allegations made by English Defence League founder are lies.
Former leadership candidate is concerned about growing influence of EDL founder.