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In the dying heartbeats before Australia's September 7 election, both major parties have - as they always do - left releasing their costings and unpopular policies to beyond the last minute; too late for anyone to properly scrutinise.
You may have heard that Australia is in the throes of a federal election campaign. The incumbent Kevin Rudd and the challenger Tony Abbott are competing for the office of Prime Minister - the gloves are well and truly off as the September 7 election date looms...
Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd faces the embarrassing prospect of losing his own parliamentary seat in the upcoming
The empty egg carton of news. Even though we're notionally in the silly season, down in Australia things are far from silly
First I'm going think of Tony Abbott, and vomit into a bucket. Then I'll think of Kevin Rudd, and vomit into a different bucket. Whichever bucket contains the least spew, that's who'll win my vote.
Australia's Prime Minister has pledged to legalise gay marriage within 100 days of office, should he win next month's election
In what must rank amongst the most shocking political comebacks of all time, the Australian prime minister Julia Gillard
Australian prime minister Julia Gillard has urged the opposition Liberal party to deselect a candidate over a "grossly sexist
We're told reality TV is reality, but it's as scripted and manufactured as any episode of True Blood or Dexter or Mad Men. Except nowhere near as good. Those shows have vampires, serial killers and far better looking people. Watch them instead.
As an Australian who has been living in London for 10 years, I feel I have gained what I consider to be an important outsider's perspective.